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Tournament Action/Recent Honor Scores
Recent Honor Scores.
Eric Briggs used his
Brunswick Seige to shoot
a nice 290 game on
1/18/2011 at AMF
Fredericksburg Lanes in
the Merchant Mixed
Bryan Gallahan shot
an 813 set with his
Nomad in the Friday
night league at AMF
Fredericksburg lanes.
Great bowling Bryan.
Congratulations to Frank Porter
who shot triplicate 256 games in
the CIT League at Shrader Lanes
1/18/2011. He used his
Complete NV ball.
Congratulations to Linda
Chappell for winning the
Division One All Events
Handicapp Fredericksburg
Womens City Tournament.
2011. She used a Storm
Prodigy ball.
Congratulations to Greg Wilhelm for
winning the 60 and over tournament at
AMF Fredericksburg Lanes (Left).
William Carrington pictured right was
the runner up. Thanks to all who
participated in this tournament.
Congrats to John Oliver
for shooting his first 800
set, a Fantastic 836,
which included a 300
game. He used his new
Brunswick Alpha Max
using Dual Angle layout
techniques. Also He shot
an 815 using his Nexxus
ball an 4/6/2012.
Carter Beauford of The
Dave Matthews Band gets
ready to try out his new
Morich Destroyer Ball at our
Charlottesville store.
Eric Briggs shot a 300
game at AMF
Fredericksburg lanes
using his Brunswick  C
System Alpha Max. (How
did big Mike get into this
Congrats to Doug
Gathof who shot a 300
game using his Track
607A in Woodbridge
on 9/1/2011.
Glenn Hogeland and Wade Cropp won the
Greater Fredericksburg Senior Doubles
Tournament on 9/2011. Glen also won the All
Events for the Super Senior Division. Both
used their Storm Nano ball for this
Tom Scott shot a 300 game
on 9/27/2011 at King Pin
Lanes in Midlothian,
Virginia. This makes a 300
game in six straight
Robert McMillan shot a 300
game along with an 800
series in the Lake of The
Woods league at
Fredericksburg Lanes.
Congratulations to Jeff
Leonard who rolled a 300
game with his Critical
Theory at AMF
Fredericksburg Lanes on
11/18/2011. He also
recently  rolled a 300
game using his Defiant on
Bob Resio shot a 300 game at
AMF Fredericksburg Lanes on
12/11/2011. He used his Roto
Grip Bandit, Congrats to Bob.
John Zetner shot an 822 on
12/16/2011 at AMF
Fredericksburg Lanes. He
used his Storm Nano Solid.
Gene Vest shot a 300
game and a 788 set on
12/20/2011. He used his
Hammer Taboo at
Fredericksburg Lanes.
Congratulations to Lawrence
Meadows for shooting a 300
game and a 777 set on 2/29/12.
He used his new Track 508A
ball at Keglers lanes in
Charlottesville to shoot his
honor score.
Roland Jackson shot a
300 game using his
Tom Minerva used
his new Blue
Hammer to shoot a
300 game at AMF
Congrats to Scott
Sanders who shot a
fantastic 300 game
with his Storm Vivid.
Eric Brown shot a 300 game
using his Theory at AMF
Fredericksburg Lanes. Nice
bowling Eric.